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                      London Traditions

                      Traditions of a country are vital elements that each and every citizen and visitors going into a country have to respect and abide to them. London traditions are a good example to talk about. This is because the city is well known for various ceremonial events and holidays it hold annually. Some of these traditions have always been passed from one generation to the other without changing their meaning and importance. They include

                      Guy Fawkes Night:

                      This is always cerebrated on 5th November every year. The celebrations started way back in 1605. It is meant to remember the Guy Fawkes who was by then a member with the famous Gunpowder plot. This Guy was arrested and put under the House of Lords.  Bonfires were lit by the Londoner in celebration of the failure of the plot to blow the Houses of Parliament. Thus this led to 5th November be set as holiday through observance of 5th November Act. In United Kingdom, this ceremony is always done through

                      1. Lighting and blowing up of fireworks
                      2. Burning garden rubbish
                      3. People light small bonfires in their own gardens
                      4. Organizing parties where people dress up in spooky outfits

                      Most of the common food staffs during this ceremony include

                      1. Toffee apples
                      2. Bonfire toffee and
                      3. Potatoes baked in the ashes of the fire

                      Therefore as a tourist or visitor who would like to attend to this ceremony, all are always welcomed but need to be aware of some injuries as a result incorrect use of the fireworks.

                      New Years’ Day Parade:

                      This is also another ceremony that is abided by the London traditions. The event was first held in 1987. The cerebration was done as Lord Mayor of Westminster`s Big Parade.  In 1994 and 2000 the event changed its name from the previous name to Millennium Parade. The event is always held on 1st January every year. One of the main reasons for the Parade is to raise money for the various charities in the city. Some of the attendants are usually the London Borough representatives.  Some of the activities usually at the ceremony include,

                      1. Honoring the winning London borough`s heroic of the previous year
                      2. Competitions of various talented musicians

                      The parade starts at parliament Square through parliament street, Whitehall, then to Trafalgar Square. After this point, the Parade continues through Cockspur Street, Regent Street the final point is at Green Park. The event usually attracts a very big number of people all around the world including the tourists and other visitors thus making it to be one of the important London traditions.

                      Regent Street festival:

                      This is a festival always held in the Regent Street in London every year usually on the first Sunday of September.  The street is always closed and no traffic in it to facilitate the occasion. Most of the attendances are usually the Londoners and also some tourist who are around London. The festival has no specific issue for celebration and this always triggers the people coming up with different issues to cerebrate. Some of the main activities that are common during the event are

                      • Theatre shows
                      • Most of the famous pop music
                      • Classic music
                      • Among others like
                      • Carousels for the children around the place
                      • Ferries wheel
                      • Other fairground attractions for both adults and children

                      It is therefore a cerebration that always calls for endowment when one thinks of London traditions in term of their importance to both the Londoner and the foreigners.

                      City Of London Festival:

                      This festival is always held annually for two to three weeks every month of June and July. This is usually an art festival that focuses mainly on classical music styles. Some of other event that are usually given a separate programme include

                      • Jazz
                      • World music
                      • Opera
                      • Film screening
                      • Lectures
                      • Guided tours

                      This festival is usually conducted in various famous venues and buildings like the Livery Company Halls and the St Paul`s cathedral. When one thinks of London traditions, this festival is one to think of in term of its meaning and importance.

                      Other Traditions In London:

                      Buckingham Palace is also one place that one can clearly what one means when he or she talks of London traditions. There are always those guards outside that are always dressed in very eye catching bright red garments designed as uniforms not forgetting of their hats. These guards are usually not ordinary guards but they are the Queen`s bodyguards. It is a routine that every day there is usually a new troop amounting to thirty in number that have to go marching to the palace in order to have the old guards replaced. One would ask how that marching is associated to London traditions, but that act of changing of the guard has always been there since 1660. The ceremony is called “Changing of guards’ ceremony”. It is one of the London traditions that all the citizens adhere to.

                      Importance Of London Traditions:

                      Any traditions including London traditions are very vital element in preserving the culture, beliefs, and people`s autonomy. It is therefore as a citizen of foreigner from other country to always respect the traditions of the country one goes to. This will not only promote good relationship between people but also see that people have a common way of doing thing.

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